Founder of Mozza, a designer and a maker

Being raised in a creative environment with an awareness of the value of craftsmanship, she had the chance to experience sewing and weaving at an early age. She became more and more curious about bags and accessories over the past years. With studying Bag Design in Istanbul Moda Academy (IMA), she created her own designs using technical knowledge and practice.

In 2014, she launched Mozza as a bag and accessory brand with a strong belief in persistence of accompanying minimalism and traditional craftsmanship. All pieces of Mozza products is being made by hand in Mozza workshop located in Anatolian side of Istanbul.

As a result of the refined consumption habit that she adopted in her own life, she always maintains durability, functionality and timelessness with design and production processes as the main characters of Mozza products. Every detail is a reflection of our enthusiasm and the patience of craftsmanship.

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